Office Dept.



オフィス部では、オリジナルブランド「Work Plus」をはじめ、OEM製作など、多岐にわたるアイデアを活かして、お客様のオフィス空間を魅力的に演出する提案を行っております。

我々が展開するオフィスブランド「Work Plus」は、“繋がりが生まれる場所”、“ 目的に出会える場所”、“ 自分らしさに気付ける場所”をコンセプトに、オフィスとホームのボーダレスなインテリア製品をメインに展開しています。働き方をめぐる環境や価値観が著しく変化する現代社会においても、その瞬間に寄り添うことができる柔軟性に富んだ製品ラインナップを提供しています。


We, Office Furniture Dept, are utilizing various ideas including our original brand “Work Plus” and OEM production in order to offer the optimal solution to make your office space attractively.

Our office brand “Work Plus” stands on the concepts of “a place for generating connection”, “a place to encounter purpose  you are searching for” and “a place to find yourself” and primarily offers interior products that exist in the borderless category between office and home. Even in today’s society where the environment and values surrounding work space are drastically changing, we can introduce and provide a flexible product lineup that can accommodate each moment.

In addition to our original items, we also undertake OEM business tailored to the needs of each customer with utilizing our various type of domestic and oversea supply sources for product planning, development, production, quality control and distribution. We promise to exceed customer’s expectations not only in the space solution but also in every aspect of customer’s requirement.

Office Dept.