Lifestyle Dept.



ライフスタイル部では、ヨーロッパやアジアなど世界中から厳選された家具・雑貨を独占輸入し、日本全国に卸販売をしております。当社が日本総代理店として取り扱う「HALO」「SQUARE ROOTS」「XANDER DESIGNS」「DAREELS」「ARTE LEGNO」など、多岐に渡るブランドのご用意がございます。



Lifestyle Dept.

We, Lifestyle Dept, exclusively import carefully selected furniture and goods from around the world including Europe and Asia and introduce them across Japan. We offer a wide range of imported brands such as “HALO”, “SQUARE ROOTS”, “XANDER DESIGNS”, “DAREELS”, “ARTE LEGNO” and more, which we handle as the position of exclusive distributor in Japan.

In addition, we also provide our own original brands developed in-house. Brands like “ēcruxe”, developed with the theme of “not deciding too much” in a rapidly changing world with many choices, “Homeland”, a beloved kitchen tool developed through continuous dialogue with artisans, and “Sankara.” which incorporates the essence of various countries’ cultures, production technologies and traditional handcrafts with the theme of gifts from heaven. We can offer these line-ups specifically because we are professionals well knowing about “things”.

We also undertake OEM businesses with utilizing the solid know-how acquiring from the development of imported brands as well as our own brands. With the support of our partner factories worldwide, we provide a wide range of proposals that meet the various conditions such as price, quality and production lot so on required from the customer’.

We bring joy and fun of interior life to everyone with the theme of “offering values a step ahead of the times”while always keeping an eye on the trends.

Lifestyle Dept.