現在、取扱いのブランドは、重厚でゴージャスなイギリスのハンドメイド・ビンテージ風家具「HALO」、古船などの古材を使用した独特の雰囲気を醸し出す「d-bodhi」、樹齢200年以上のオリーブウッドのみを使用したハンドメイドキッチンウエアの「ARTE LEGNO(アルテレーニョ)」など。これからも常に時代の流れをみつめながら、「半歩先をいく価値の提案」をテーマに、皆さまにインテリアライフの楽しさと喜びをお届けしてまいります。

なお、当事業部では、OLD&NEWを兼ね備えた、常に新しい時代の少し先のSTYLEをご提案する「SHOP ASPLUND」とTimelessComfort=時代を超越した快適さ”をコンセプトとする「T.C/タイムレスコンフォート」の運営を行っております。

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Our Wholesale Division focuses on the exclusive import and distribution of middle-to-high-end furniture and home interior products to major retail channels such as department stores, well-established stores and specialty boutiques. Despite the increasing market tendency for standardizing products and driving prices down, we thrive to provide the market with innovative brands and products that have a distinct value and market position.

While Import Division always stands in the place of the consume r,developing products that respond to specific consumer needs, in totality,the careful blend of various brands bring out a distinct stylistic vision.Our portfolio of brands that we distribute include but are not limited to:HALO, a unique British brand of furniture and interior products with dramatic antique flair; d-bodhi, a green-conscious Dutch producer of furniture products that highlight reusability of found wood; bina, a innovative furniture and interior brand of which design inspired by Scandinavian vintage with utilizing the recycle woo d,peroba wood and walnut; Arte Legno, an Italian producer of handmade kitchenware with using more than 200 years old aged Olive wood, We will continue to provide lifestyle products that capture the tr end “half-step” ahead of our times.



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